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July 7th 2005 London Bombings

Key quotes and comments:

Extensive cctv coverage released 2009 - here

The original THREE cctv images released from 7th July - images

See government references to cctv in the reports analysis

It is peculiar that so few images have been released. The men would have been filmed on dozens of cameras en route to Kings Cross underground from Thameslink station. Thousands of tapes have been analysed, but we have more images of the supposed 'dummy run' than we do of 7/7. Why, if they exist, aren't the most incriminating images of the men, for example them boarding the tubes, made public? - images

A power surge occured in May 2005 on the LU which knocked out the CCTV - could this of happened on 7/7? (BBC)

According to the police all the men were caught on cctv in Kings Cross Thameslink at 0826.

The camera on the No. 30 bus was not in operation

: The CCTV camera on the number 30 bus, which blew up near Tavistock Square , had reportedly not been working for some weeks. "It is a real pity as these would have been the easiest ones from which to identify the bomber," said Dr Silke. "That is a real loss."

see Stagecoach witness email sent to

CCTV 7th July


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CCTV 'dummy run'

images | video

Cameras at Kings Cross & underground


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