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July 7th 2005 London Bombings

Key Quotes and Comments:

Aswat is still being reported in non British press as a suspect in the 7th July bombings. Scotland Yard played down the links between Aswat and the bombings once he was flown back to the UK from Zambia after being arrested. This was a few days after the news broke that Aswat had been an MI6 asset. As far as I am aware he is currently in Belmarsh prison awaiting a decision on extradition to the US for charges of conspiracy to set up terrorist training camps. see below

Home Office: The press reported later that a known extremist figure and possible mastermind left the UK shortly before the bombings. There is no evidence that this individual was involved.

Presumably Haroon Aswat, this is the only reference in the government reports.

ITN: Security sources told newspapers the alleged al-Qaeda planner had up to 20 conversations with Khan and another of the bombers, Shehzad Tanweer, one just hours before the blasts.

The US authorities had attempted to arrest Aswat in the months prior to July 7th, but he was protected by the British security services and slipped away. As has become clear since 7/7, Britain, especially London, has been:

BBC - wmv : "a haven for foreign Jihadis, it was as if there were an unspoken deal, we don't arrest them and they don't attack us. Some Muslims called it a covenant of security.."

Fox News - wmv : John Loftus: "The entire British police are out chasing him, and one wing of the British government, MI6 or the British Secret Service has been hiding him. And this has been a real source of contention between the CIA, the Justice Department, and Britain."

False leads

Independent: Bomb 'mastermind' was victim of name confusion

BBC: Egypt chemist 'not bomb suspect'

Other leads

Times: Pakistani who instructed 7/7 cell eludes detectives


Haroon Aswat

ITN: 'Detained Briton' in bomb phone link

Times: Top al-Qaeda Briton called Tube bombers before attack

CNN: UK 'blocked bomb plotter' arrest

Fox News : John Lotus interview - wmv

Times: Bombs suspect 'arrested in Africa'

Times: Tangled web that still leaves worrying loose ends

Sunday Herald: Brains behind terror plot may be Brit the security services thought was dead

Global Research: London 7/7 Terror Suspect Linked to British Intelligence?

AP: 'Terror suspect' held in Zambia

UPI: U.S. unseals Aswat's terror indictment

Times: British al-Qaeda suspect facing extradition to US

New Criminologist: London Bombing ringleader, Haroon Rashid Aswat - double agent for MI6?

New Criminologist: Haroon Aswat.FBI agent threatens former USDA federal agent, now staff reporter for The New Criminologist.

Telegraph: Al-Qa'eda suspect wins court apology

Guardian: Briton 'could be sent to Guantánamo'

AP: British court to decide next month whether to extradite terrorist suspect to the United States

Global Research: Why did it take so long to bring Abu Hamza to trial?


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