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July 7th 2005 London Bombings

Danny Biddle - conflicting statements ?


"People carry rucksacks on the Underground every day, so Khan didn't look out of place at all. He was sitting by the first door of the train and I was standing about 10ft away. I noticed him reaching into his bag and he didn't say or do anything. He wasn't agitated or fidgety, he was very calm. He looked at me and looked around the carriage. Then he pulled some sort of cord."

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"That morning I got on the front of the train, which was closest to the stairs, and stood next to the bomber, Mohammad Sidique Khan. I looked at him, as you do. He seemed quite calm. Nothing, in retrospect, made me think: "This guy's got a bomb." He looked at me, and as he did so he put his hand inside his rucksack, looked at me again, looked away, and pulled back his hand.",,2099-1891957,00.html



"He should never have been on the Circle Line train, but he took it because he was late. It was crowded and he found himself in the front, wedged in among the other commuters. Among them was Mohammad Siddique Khan, who had a rucksack on his back. Khan appeared calm, according to Danny. 'We looked at each other, as you do. He put his hand inside the rucksack. Then he looked away and he pulled back his hand.'",,1697438,00.html


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