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July 7th 2005 London Bombings

Key Quotes and Comments:

Witnesses described a bright flash with the explosions. A flash is not consistent with peroxide based explosions as usually no flame is created. (new scientist) Many of the survivors suffered from burns. Burn injuries would not be consistent with peroxide based explosives.

Times: "Twenty seconds after the train started, there was a massive blast — really, really loud. Outside, sparks and flames burnt up the side of the carriage."

Times: "Seconds after the train pulled out, there was a huge bang, then a flash of light"

Guardian: "The first thing I knew I saw silver travelling through the air, which was glass, and a yellow flash,"
MICHAEL HENNING (watch Henning on BBC - wmv)

Guardian: 'One regular commuter on the packed Piccadilly line tube train said they instinctively knew a bomb had gone off when the train drew slowly to a halt after a blinding flash and loud bang.'

Guardian: "We were coming out of King's Cross and there was a really big bang, a big, bright flash of light and loads of black smoke started to pour into the carriage,"

Channel 4 - wmv : "large flash of light, felt a burning sensation" - watch

Guardian: 'The blast sent a flash of flame down the outside of the train as the carriages reared up'

BBC: "Just out of Edgware Road there was this yellowish flash"

Many of the survivors were left with missing limbs after the explosions, particularly lost legs. As investigators established early on, the explosions took place at ground level. Some witness reports suggest that bombs were underneath the carriages. Witnesses describe the carriage floors raising up, the train being derailed and holes in the floor.

Independent: The victims' wounds suggested that the explosives, which were "not heavy but powerful", had been placed on the ground, perhaps underneath seats.

DC Andy Hayman: Was not able to say how the devices had been detonated but confirmed that each device on the trains was placed on floor of a carriage, and on the bus a device was placed on the floor or seats.

Guardian: At the centre of the carriage he fell through a hole and dangled above the live rail. ..... He said a seriously injured commuter called Stan who had fallen through another hole.

CNN: 'He said seconds after leaving Kings Cross station, there was a "large bang," and people were "physically ejected" from their seats. There were "flashes of light on the side of the tube carriage." "Then smoke was coming down the tunnel. Nobody would go out of that exit. No one would go out of the other exit because, as I understand it, there's a bomb in the middle of the carriage."'

Independent: "She was trapped and there wasn't much left of her leg. The chap next to her had lost his leg and there was a woman to their left who was on her back trapped in the metal, which had twisted up through the middle of the carriage. The roof was still on, but the lining of the carriage had been blown off. The sides had also come off and there was a big hole in the floor."

CEN: "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train."

Guardian mp3: [Mark Honigsbaum after interviewing survivors] "an explosion this morning under the carriage of the train", "some passengers described how the tiles, the covers on the floor of the train, suddenly flew up, raised up", "had been derailed by this explosion" - listen

Guardian: 'One gentleman told me the floor of the train had blown up.'

Guardian: 'Other witnesses also reported a huge hole being torn in the floor of the carriage, and said one of the men who died appeared to have fallen through the gap.'

Guardian: "The tiles on the floor of my carriage suddenly shot up."

BBC: The window behind me had exploded in, part of the ceiling was on the floor and there was a large hole in the floor.

BBC: She came straight to me and helped lift the doors that were on top of me then helped me up, took my hand and walked me through the first carriage where the manholes in the carriage were blown out

Very few witnesses have been reported as having seen the men on 7/7

Times: "I later discovered that the bomber was standing about 12ft away, but I've no memory of him at all."

Daily Mail: George does not remember seeing suicide bomber Hasib Hussain
GEORGE PSARADAKIS (No 30 bus driver)

CEN: They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag,"

Daily Mirror: "That morning I got on the front of the train, which was closest to the stairs, and stood next to the bomber, Mohammad Sidique Khan. I looked at him, as you do. He seemed quite calm. Nothing, in retrospect, made me think: "This guy's got a bomb." He looked at me, and as he did so he put his hand inside his rucksack, looked at me again, looked away, and pulled back his hand."
DANNY BIDDLE see conflicting statements

Richard Jones: Conflicting statements of seeing Hussain on No.30 bus.


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